The Iroquois Steeplechase has been Nashville's rite of spring since 1941, a time-honored tradition of Middle Tennesseans for seven decades. Its rich history dates back to the pasture races in Middle Tennessee during the 1930s, creating a legacy that resonates within the Nashville community.

Mason Houghland

2007 Inductee

In 1932 Mason Houghland founded the Hillsboro Hounds with himself as Master and John Sloan, Sr. as Honorary Secretary. The Hillsboro Hounds is a private equestrian organization of fox hunters. The first Iroquois Steeplechase was run with Houghland as chairman and the six-race Steeplechase has thrived and prospered ever since. The success has been due in large part to the interest and chairmanship of his son, Calvin Houghland, whose attention has been an enormous benefit to the race throughout its 67-year history.