• The race grounds are at Percy Warner Park in Nashville.
  • Gates open at 8:00 am. Opening ceremonies begin at 12:30 pm. Post-time for first race is 1:00 pm. All spectators must be off the grounds by dusk.
  • Children 12 and under are admitted free when accompanied by an adult in General Admission and all tailgating areas.
  • Tickets may be purchased on Race Day on-line, via our app or at the Will Call tent, located at 7179 Highway 100.
  • You must wear your armband at all times with the exception of general admission.
  • No vehicle larger than a mini-van, SUV or a standard-sized pickup truck will be allowed in the reserved tailgating parking spaces. All vehicles in reserved parking spaces must fit within their designated space.



  • No possession or consumption of alcohol by minors, be prepared to show identification.
  • No kegs or drinking games. (ice luges, beer pong etc.)..
  • NO GLASS CONTAINERS of any kind.



  • No pets are allowed on the grounds with the exception of service animals.



  • Children 12 and under are admitted free when accompanied by an adult in General Admission and all Tailgating Areas.



  • Armbands are non-transferrable and must be worn at all times. Any duplication or counterfeiting of armbands will be punishable. Be prepared to show armbands at all entrances.
  • All vehicles must display the appropriate parking pass for their designated space or lot except for Lot T.
  • Cars, trucks, small vans and SUVs are the only vehicles allowed in the following parking areas: Box Holder A&B, OTR, inside the track tailgating, Family Area, Stirrup Club Tailgating, VIP and Volunteer. NO buses, limousines, motor coaches, trailers or other wheeled vehicles.
  • RV tailgating is for RVs only, no cars trucks, vans or SUVs in RV area.



  • No one who appears intoxicated will be admitted to the grounds.
  • Responsible alcohol consumption is expected.
  • Please be courteous of your neighbors.
  • No amplified bands or DJs. In-vehicle sound systems must be kept at acceptable levels.
  • No inflatable devices such as climbing walls, slides, obstacle courses etc.
  • No fireworks or pyrotechnics or firearms.
  • No display of advertising, banners or signs.
  • No propane grills.
  • No trailers.



  • In the event of a medical emergency, immediately notify the nearest Medical Aid, Security, or Police personnel.  Any calls to 911 from the grounds will be re-directed back to Medical Aid on site.
  • There are three different Medical Aid tents on the grounds.  Locations are marked on the map by red crosses.  Locations: In The Turn, the entrance to the Centerfield, between General Admission and the Boxes
  • There are three (3) ambulances on site for emergency transport.
  • There are uniformed Metro Police Department officers, private event staff wearing yellow or blue CSC t-shirts, and Metro Parks Police personnel including mounted patrol.



There are (7) races; the first starts at 1:00 p.m. and are approximately 30 minutes apart. Races are shown on (5) different Jumbotrons located on the Grounds and broadcast via loudspeakers.

  • Each race is a different length and has a number of challenges, such as the type of track (flat, brush, and timber) and number of jumps.
  • The Michael Stanley Stick Horse Race is for children ages 3-10 and is presented by Phillips Toy Mart. It takes place on the track in front of the box seats after the 2nd race.
  • Between the 6th and 7th Race, there is the Parade of Hounds. The Pack of Foxhounds is paraded in front of the crowd in a tradition that dates back to the early days of the Iroquois.
  • The 7th race of the day is the Calvin Houghland Iroquois Steeplechase, named after the first American-bred winner of the English Derby. Iroquois retired to stud at near-by Belle Meade Plantation and is buried there.



  • The sale or promotion of merchandise or services is strictly prohibited except as authorized by the Iroquois Steeplechase.
  • The Tailgating Transfer Form can be located on the Tailgating page of this website.



  • One tailgating tent, 10’x10’ or smaller per space. Tents may NOT be professionally installed.
  • General Admission tents may not be set up below boundary line.
  • Awnings or staked tents are not allowed.
  • Tents that obstruct views and site-lines will not be permitted.



  • Please be responsible and saddle up with a designated driver!
  • Rideshare pickup and drop off will be on Highway 100 near General Admission; see the Lyft/Rideshare Signs.  This also includes Taxi pick up and drop off. All Rideshare participants will ride the General Admission shuttles into the Grounds; then walk to their designated ticketed area from there.
  • Guests with a government-issued ADA placard may use Gaucho & OHB off of Old Hickory Blvd (via Hwy 100) for ADA parking. You must have an armband to gain entrance.  There are approximately 60 spaces in this lot. The ADA Volunteer Committee will transport guests, via golf car, to their ticketed location on the Grounds.
  • There are Two (2) Shuttle Routes that serve the grounds:
  • General Admission guest shuttle departs from Highway 100 lot, this shuttle will drop off above Stirrup Club.
  • Guests of Family Area, Hospitality Village, Guests of Hunt Club, Guests of The Zone, and Guests of Tents in the Turn’s shuttle departs from Vaughn Road S, this shuttle drops off at the Family Area entrance off of Gaucho Road.
  • Guests requiring ADA assistance can request at the information tents across the grounds.

The Parking Lot designations are as follows:

  • Iroquois Society Valet: Iroquois Society Box Holders
  • VIP Parking: VIP’s
  • Boxholder “A” Parking: Boxholders
  • Boxholder “B” Parking: Boxholders
  • Lot M: For those who purchased a Lot M Parking Pass
  • RV Parking: RV’s only
  • Stable Parking: Horsemen Parking
  • OTR Parking: Horsemen Parking
  • Vaughn Road Lot T: Guests of Tailgaters, Guests of Tents in the Turn, Guests of The Zone, RV Guests and overflow parking
  • Vaughn Road Lot S: Guests of Family Area, Hospitality Village, Guests of Hunt Club
  • General Admission Parking: General Admission
  • Stirrup Club Parking: Stirrup Club
  • Lot O: Vendors, Volunteers, Press and Operational Staff
  • Cars left on the grounds overnight will be towed at Noon on Sunday, May 13th, 2018.




    • For Vendors and Volunteers assigned radios or golf carts, they can be picked up from the tents set up across from Lot O (accessed from Gate 1) Across from volunteer tent.
    • VSHF and Operational Vendors and Volunteers will each have their own distribution in this same area.
    • Radios must be returned to the original pick-up location and golf carts must be returned to the golf cart corral.



    • The Volunteer Check-In Tent is located inside Gate 1 near the Lot O parking entrance. This is where all volunteers should check-in at the beginning of their shift. Volunteer Parking is in Lot O at Entrance 1 off Old Hickory Blvd.
    • You will need your Lot O parking pass to enter the Grounds on race day.
    • Your complimentary volunteer t-shirt must be worn as your credentials for being on the grounds race day.  Remember to wear a hat, sunscreen, comfortable shoes and drink lots of water.


    Metropolitan Nashville Police Department will issue citations, make arrests and/or remove guests from the premises as deemed necessary. Failure to honor Iroquois Steeplechase policies will result in expulsion from the grounds