Remembering Jack M. Bass, Jr, Longtime Steeplechase Supporter


August 18, 2015 – Longtime supporter, honorary steward, and race committee member of the local Iroquois Steeplechase Race Committee and the National Steeplechase Association passed away Sunday. Jack M. Bass, Jr. spent his entire life with horses, as a local owner and avid supporter of steeplechase horses. He and his wife Melinda were founding members of the Nashville Gun Club and the Hillsboro Hounds.  

“Whether in hunting pinks or shooter’s kit, Jack never failed to cut a smart figure,” noted the Tennessean, “and with such a welcoming ease in conversation and humorous anecdotes for every occasion, it is no wonder that his company was sought by so many.”

Jack was passionate about sporting horses his entire life, together with his daughters in horse showing and fox hunting. He was a local owner of steeplechase horses who competed on a national basis.

Jack and his wife were devoted locally to the Iroquois Steeplechase, and travelled the national and global circuit of steeplechasing and wing shooting. We will miss his guidance, humor, and presence both trackside, and as a longtime friend of the Iroquois.