Saturday, May 14, 2016

Percy Warner Park 7311 TN-100 Nashville, TN 37221

Post time is 1:00 p.m. (central)

Last race ends at approximately 5:30 p.m. with the featured race, the Iroquois.

Jane Ann Whitson
615-591-2991 (p) 615-591-2909 (f)

General Information

Total number of races: 7; approximate time between races is 40 minutes. For full track conditions, please consult the National Steeplechase Association Condition Book.

Equine Details

  • Stabling: Our facilities consist of both permanent & temporary stalls; shavings available for bedding; straw available upon advance request.
  • Hot Water & Electrical Outlets Available
  • Veterinary & Farrier Assistance Available – on call Thursday & Friday; on site Saturday.
  • Cooling Fans & Ice on Site

Stable Contact Person: Don Gill via phone: (615) 478-5506 (prior to race week); Email:

NOTE:  Access to the barn area will be limited to authorized owners, trainers and grooms.  We appreciate everyone’s cooperation with this policy.

Saddling Procedure

All horses must be saddled in barn prior to going to Paddock area. Before each race, announcements will be made in the barn with the time horses are to be saddled and ready to leave the barn to proceed to the Paddock. All horses for each race will proceed to the Paddock at the same time in numerical order.

All participating horsemen must pick up Iroquois credentials from the Race Office upon entering the Iroquois Steeplechase grounds.

Parking & Grounds Access

NSA hang-tag accesses the stable area only. Please note, the NSA pin will not allow access to the OTR Hospitality Tent.

Due to limited space for parking, all owners, trainers and riders will park in the stable area and will be shuttled to the infield. There will be no parking in the infield for owners, trainers, and riders.

A shuttle will be provided exclusively for riders and trainers to access the scales and jockey tent from the stable area. Participating trainers and riders will be issued a Special Access vehicle pass upon request for transporting tack and other equipment.

Food for Horsemen

A hospitality grill truck is onsite in the stable area where all participating horsemen with credentials may receive complimentary meals.

Check In

Please check in at race office immediately upon arrival. All participating horsemen must pick up Iroquois credentials from the Race Office upon entering the grounds. Iroquois credentials ONLY (not NSA pins) allow access to the OTR Hospitality Tent. You will not be allowed in the tent without proper Iroquois credentials.

All participating owners, trainers, riders and NSA Patron members will receive two tickets providing access to lunch in the OTR Hospitality Tent. Participating owners, trainers and riders may purchase additional tickets as needed. Non-participating owners, trainers and riders who are NSA members may purchase tickets to be allowed access to the OTR Hospitality Tent. Tickets for the OTR Hospitality Tent are $100.00. Please contact the Race Office (615) 373-5805; Fax (615) 371-6711; in advance if you wish to purchase additional tickets so that the proper number may be ready upon arrival.

NOTE: Due to capacity limits, no Owners, Trainers, or Riders will be allowed to enter the Stewards’ Tower (the tall tower at the top of the boxes) to view the races. ONLY Iroquois endorsed promotional banners are allowed on the grounds or the barn, the race office, or any tents.

Travel Information

John Tune Airport (615) 350-5000, about 35 minutes from the race grounds, accommodates small aircraft, private and charter. Please allow time for race day traffic.

Nashville International Airport (BNA) is only 30 minutes from the steeplechase course, but please allow time for race day traffic. All major airlines serve the Nashville International Airport.